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The Classic Burger

The Classic Burger



Choose from chicken, Angus beef or vegetarian burger stations or have a mix of all
The ultimate burger station, let our chefs cook your grilled chicken breast, Angus beef Pattie or vegetarian burger, with an assortment of fillings displayed in a stylish buffet display allowing your guests to build the ultimate burger.

All food cooked by our talented chefs are served on chaffing units that keep warm for hours so no matter how many guests or how long your event goes for, your burger station will be ready for you & your guests


Your Burger station will have a selection of fillings to choose from which Include:


Sliced gherkins
Grilled onions
Sliced Tomato
Old school slaw
Grilled bacon
Jalapeño peppers
Assorted condiments & sauces

$18.95 pp